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2022-07-01 08:13:00 By : Ms. Joy Tang

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BOS Construction Solutions, Tampa, Fla., has introduced a new steel container for storage that also has a smart lock made by iLOQ in Finland that is unlocked by an app on a smartphone.

Kari Honkaniemi, CEO, BOS Construction Solutions, recently spoke with Rental Management about these latest developments.

Rental Management: What is different about the new BOS Construction Solutions storage containers?

Kari Honkaniemi: We have been selling the quick-build container in the U.S. for 10 years. The system enables assembly and knock down of the container on a site in about two minutes. Our new container takes about 20 minutes to build because it is constructed with self-tapping screws and should be assembled and then put into use for rental. It can be moved by a forklift on a site, or loaded onto a flatbed truck for delivery. Our new containers are made with the same precision and come in volume in a flat pack. They also have a welded floor structure for the first time and the floors are made in the U.S. in Texas, which can be delivered on a flatbed, saving 7 percent of the overall cost. These containers are more rugged and can be a more permanent storage solution.

Rental Management: Who is the target rental customer for these containers and how can they be used?

Honkaniemi: The containers can be used on construction sites and could be used for events as well because of our new locking system. Rental stores also could use these containers for after-hours pickups and returns because the iLOQ provides the ability to secure goods in the box as it allows you to share access rights to the containers temporarily. You control who can access the container and when by sending a text message. Once the phone is near the iLOQ, the person can access the container, even if there’s no cellular service in the area. Access rights can be set with a time limit, or terminated separately. This way, no one walks away with keys. The locks are controlled by a management system, and you can build different access profiles so that each pod has its own “key” which can be then sent to a mobile phone. The locks do not use batteries and do not have their own power source, which means you do not need to replace batteries or have a backup battery system. iLOQ locks currently save about 130,000 lbs. of battery waste annually. For more information on iLOQ, please visit

BOS Construction Solutions was established in New York about 10 years ago by Tom Craycroft, an American living in Finland, and Kari Honkaniemi, a Finn living in America. In 2016, the company moved its operations to Tampa, Fla. While Craycroft is transitioning to retirement, Honkaniemi, as CEO, is covering sales to several market segments, including private and public sectors, and the equipment and event rental industry. The product portfolio has expanded from the initial Quick Build container made in Germany to the latest version of the more robust container as well as an electronic access management system from iLOQ. The company prides itself on representing products with cutting-edge technology covering both engineering and sustainability.

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