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Founding Fathers never intended U.S. to be secular or hostile to religion

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Biden and ruling elites’ energy policy destroying America

An armed man carrying a handgun, knife and container of pepper spray was arrested near the home of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. According to media reports, he then told police he was there to kill Kavanaugh because he was upset about the leaked abortion draft opinion and the Uvalde, Texas, shooting.

Democrats would call this “exercising one’s First Amendment” right.

That’s how they’ve painted the weeks’ worth of angry protesting that’s gone forth in front of certain Supreme Court justices’ own homes by those in the pro-abortion camp who’ve cried for their rights, their rights, their rights to terminate their pregnancies — code, for killing babies — out of fear the conservative majority might send Roe v. Wade back to the states. The fear from this camp is if Roe v. Wade is placed in the hands of legislators to decide, then legislators might restrict or outright ban abortion in their respective states, depending on the wills of the people who’ve elected them, that is. Pro-abortion types can’t suffer that scenario. Pro-abortion types want unfettered access to abortion for all women, even minor-age girls, up to the point of delivery date, or even beyond, if some in Virginia had their way.

Pro-abortion types see their cause as so crucial to the life of the mother, or at least so crucial to the recreational sex lives of all females, everywhere, they don’t find it the least bit odd to storm streets in front of judges’ homes and wave around signs and banners with messages like, “Guns Have More Rights Than My Vagina,” or “Don’t Like Me At Your House? Get Out My Uterus” — grammar? We don’t need no stinkin’ grammar! The “of” must be implied — or the much more concise and blunt “Abortion Forever.”

That’s all First Amendment freedom right there.

So, too, the storming of churches and stripping to skivvies.

“Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church service interrupted by abortion activists stripping down to demonstrate,” The Houston Chronicle reported.

“Pro-choice activists strip during Joe Osteen church service: ‘Overturn Roe, hell no,’” Fox News reported.

“It’s my body, my [f-ing] choice,” screamed one woman captured on video at the church, tossing off her clothes amid the thousands of congregants. 

This isn’t even about inappropriate behavior versus appropriate behavior.

This is about getting the proper amount of medication into those who need it now. Pronto. Start with the Democrat Party.

A country like America is not supposed to have to surround the homes of the land’s highest court officials with U.S. Marshals. A nation of law and order and limited governance and morally compassed citizens who take their rights from God and by logical extension their virtues and principles, to at least some degree, from God are not supposed to have to deal with strippers at church dropping f-bombs while clamoring for rights to kill. Democrats apparently don’t agree.

And the fact Democrats aren’t widely and loudly condemning such thuggish tactics only shows the party, the majority of party members and leaders, either openly or tacitly  stand in support.

Democrats truly have become the home for the lunatic fringe. It’s becoming quite dangerous for the rest of us.

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